Regalia is the Russian fur brand, once established as a family workshop and developed into the unique and unparalleled fashion house. At its very beginning, in 2012, the brand already had a solid customer base and its own philosophy — the people behind Regalia not just work with fur, they truly love doing it. Their passion is that same engine which makes the brand unstoppable, forcing to create all the new collections and elaborate the innovative design. Mink, lynx, swakara and sable are just a few of the many types of luxurious fur Regalia works with. But the center of the brand’s philosophy is the quality, that’s why all the furs are bought at the famous Copenhagen Furs auction.

Today we want to present your own modern Regalia

There are several annual collections at Regalia: Fall Winter, Spring Summer and also kidswear collection. However you can easily order made-to-measure design based on any current collection in the Regalia workshop at Tverskoy Boulevard, Moscow.

Regalia design is based on timeless aesthetic, yet the techniques are far from old-fashioned. The designers behind the brand tend to combine different fabrics in the most refined ways. Colored fur, even the trickiest of them all — sable, became the strongest feature of Regalia. And you can always recognize the brand’s garments by the sophisticated patchwork technique. Whether it’s flowers or graphic patterns, they all look effortless like prints on lightweight silk, but there are weeks of meticulous work behind their beauty. Speaking of silk, Regalia is not a stranger to this fabric as well. Spring Summer collections of the brand are all about stunning lingerie style robes with fur cuffs — you can wear them at home, but try them on for the street-style wise looks, paired with denim and sneakers. Kidswear shearling coats have almost broke the internet this year thanks to everyone’s favorite minions appliques on the backs. They might be meant for children, but these coats eventually made their way to the grown-up wardrobes — some moms ordered the same garment not only for kids but for themselves as well.

Regalia has a significant experience in fur business yet it doesn’t prevent the brand from being innovative and modern. However the heart of the brand is in the way of working — each garment is one of a kind and made with love and respect for the future owners. And that’s why the clients tend to come back to Regalia over and over again, even though all these women are as much picky, as they are gorgeous.